Senate Notes

The University of Manitoba Senate met on Dec. 7.

Three matters were carried without debate including the proposed academic schedule for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The International College of Manitoba (ICM) annual report was forwarded for information. David Collins reported that, as of September, ICM had 510 registered students.

Collins said that the average GPA of students who completed ICM in 2010-2011 was 2.96. Based on a data group of 93 students, ICM graduates are performing ā€œat least as wellā€ as international students who entered the U of M directly.

The report raised several questions and concerns. Arlene Young, head of the English department, asked what was being done by the university to retain other international students who were not in ICM. Collins responded that he could not comment about retention but that the university is recruiting them.

Jeff Taylor, dean of arts at U of M, spoke in memory of Alexander Gordon who died in October. Gordon was a professor emeritus in the department of French, Spanish, and Italian at the U of M.

Michael Trevan, dean of agricultural and food sciences, spoke in memory of Denis Krause, who died on Oct. 16 at the age of 46. Krause was a professor of gut microbiology in the department of animal sciences with a cross-appointment in the department of medical microbiology at the U of M. Trevan said he will be sorely missed.

President David Barnard reported that the university has conducted its first employee survey which shows 86 per cent job satisfaction. Barnard also said there are several things that needed attention such as equitable treatment and respect, and effective cooperation of departments. Barnard said university administration plan to repeat the survey periodically.

Barnard commented on the problems the university email system is experiencing. He said the problems were due to the large load on the system. He said the university will have to spend money to make sure the system can handle that load.

The Senate carried a motion to raise the admission average for the faculty of agriculture from 50 per cent to 60 per cent effective 2013.

The Senate also carried a motion to eliminate the transfer applicant category from the faculty of dentistry due to a lack of applicants in that category effective 2012.