November 2011

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Bison Briefs

Basketball On Nov. 24, the Bisons basketball teams went to the Duckworth Center at the University of Winnipeg to play their crosstown rivals, the Wesmen….

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Rallying for first place

The Bisons men’s volleyball team find themselves in a tight race at the midway point of the Canada West season. After getting off to a…

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The new Winnipeg workhorse

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers left Toronto back in week 13 having lost a pivotal game to an East rival, but more importantly having lost the…

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For the record lover

When it comes to collecting vinyl, everyone is different. Whether it be a passion for 45s, imports, or collecting the entire catalogue of a particular…

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Talking Heads re-imagined

A group of musicians and graduates of our U of M jazz program have recently begun a fantastic series of concerts wherein classic pop albums…

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Putting a price on biodiversity

Despite the fact that we are in the midst of a global ecological crisis, conservation efforts around the world continue to face an uphill battle….

Manitoba’s cougar

Are there resident breeding populations of cougar in Manitoba? “The answer is a resounding . . . maybe,” according to Bill Watkins while presiding over…

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Bird’s eye view

As new research demonstrates how an artificially mutated a strain of avian influenza can spread in at unprecedented rates in ferrets — and possibly humans…

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Mates and moustaches

You probably have a pretty good idea about what Movember is, but do you know how it came to be? Let me enlighten you. The…

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Movember, A Mo-emoir.

Haven’t been without a beard in more than a decade. My face is furious for thrusting it into this cold bright world unprepared.The wife has…