Bison athlete profile

The Bison women’s soccer team came home from their Sept. 24-25 road trip in Regina with their first wins of the season. Both wins were 2-0 shut outs, which helped keep the Bisons in the Canada West playoff picture.

Second-year Bison goalie Chloe Werle was in net for both wins and was forced into action seven times total on the weekend. Werle was up to the task, stopping all shots and keeping Regina’s forwards off the score sheet. It was the first time the Bisons have recorded consecutive shut outs for since the 2009-10 season, when the team went 7-6-1.

Werle earned Smitty’s Bison Sports Female Athlete of the Week for the week ending Sept. 25.

The Manitoban:
What sports did you play as a kid growing up?

Chloe Werle:
Played quite a few during junior high and high school. Basketball, volleyball and always soccer, from Grade 3 through Grade 12 and on, obviously.

M: What tips would you give to a young soccer goalie?

CW: When I was growing up, it was a nervous position to play because you’re under pressure all the time. But, if you just stick with it you learn to love it.

M: Who was your childhood sports idol?

CW: Still to this day, Karina Leblanc, one of Team Canada’s women’s soccer goalies.

M: Which sports do you watch/follow now?

CW: I’m a big Saskatchewan Roughriders fan, so football. The Winnipeg Jets, I’m really excited that they’re back in the city. And some volleyball. It’s not really on TV a lot, but it’s my second favourite sport so I like watching it when I can.

M: What is your current academic focus of study?

CW: This is my second year of University One. I have decided that next year that I’m going to go into the faculty of kinesiology.

M: Do you have any plans for after university?

CW: I’m going to try to play soccer for as long as I can; I don’t know where that’s going to take me. Possibly some graduate studies. Physiotherapy, maybe?

M: Favourite book and/or movie?

CW: April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier. And I really like the movie Dirty Dancing, the first one.

M: If you could be any type of animal, what would you be?

CW: I had a girl on my team once say that I’m similar to a panda. I’m not sure how exactly that is, but they’re cute and still vicious. I don’t know . . . so panda, maybe.

M: If you could play mini-golf with any celebrity, who would you choose?

CW: I would have to say Karina Leblanc. It would be the most beneficial for me right now.