Letters to the Editor – March 2, 2011


RE: “Here comes the boom!” (Feb. 16, 2011)

Kyle Mirecki wrote the article suggesting that more resources should be put towards the baby boomers (old age homes, healthcare, etc.) rather than a national child care program. Okay. The proposed national child care program would help this. For example, someone working in an old age home might only be able to work if there is affordable child care available. So by removing the child care, you are also potentially removing the parents’ ability to work. I agree that resources should be allocated to where the need is. However, this can be done indirectly through a program such as child care.

Sacha Debreuil

RE: “What’s your excuse?” (Feb. 16, 2011)

The last sentence in Mr. Birnie’s editorial/apologia for Winnipeg is “There’s my excuse, now what’s yours?” I am pleased to be the first to respond publicly to this query. Here it goes: I can’t afford to move to Minneapolis yet.

Well, that was easy. Anyone else care to comment?

Jess Chapman