Dear Winnipeg,

I write this letter in hopes to clear the air between you and I. Ever since last summer, there has been an obvious strain on our relationship, and I think I need to address it. I needed a break last summer, so I left for two months. You told me that you understood, it was nothing personal and that you “got it” . . . I just needed some time to myself. But when I came back in September, you acted like you didn’t know me.

As much as I have loved you in the past, I could not tolerate being ignored. You treated me like I was garbage. You got really cold, really fast. I know that around this time of year you tend to get cold, but not like this. This time it was different. You were unrelenting. You know that I left Victoria for you, but you don’t seem to treasure the sacrifice that I made.

Remember when I told you I loved you? That is one of my best memories. I remember your perfume — the smell of budding trees in early spring. Yet as much as I would like to focus on all the positive memories, you have put me through too much pain.

I just have a few questions for you. I hope that you can get back to me concerning them.

Why are your lights not timed? You know that I run late sometimes, but it seems that you like to grab my arm and do not let go in those situations. You drag me down, honey . . .

What happened to your downtown? When I was with Victoria her downtown was beautiful! There was always something to do and to keep me entertained. You’re boring, honey . . .

Why are you so cold? I have been putting up with your yearly mood swings for 13 years. Each one has its own unique circumstances, but I must assure you, I do see the positive aspects in this annual change. I love the ice that you manage to create and I love the outdoor activities, but the trade off is still not enough.

You are cold, honey . . .

I hope you can get back to me. I can assure you that I will not be moving. I’m willing to give you a few more years to change, but I don’t want to have an awkward relationship with you anymore. We hardly talk and I don’t like that.
Now that I have told you what I am thinking, write back. We need to patch things up.

Your Love (or so I thought),

Jordan Michalski