The threatening nature of a butterfly knife

Even though the butterfly knife is an illegal weapon in Manitoba, the idea of it alone is a stimulating thought. In real life, the butterfly knife has been characterized as a “hood” weapon, one used by thugs and thieves to intimidate people — but despite its fearsome reputation, it’s a very interesting weapon.

The idea behind the knife is that you whip it out, fling it around until the blade is just a silver flash of light and do so until it’s held still with the blade fully drawn and exposed. This display of sure-handedness and skill is usually enough to put any reasonable individual into a submissive state.

Most butterfly knives are made up of three main parts: two hollow handles and one blade loosely attached to the two handle pieces, allowing it to swing freely. The result is a loud and fast moving piece of metal that is hard to keep track of.

In a way, this kind of a knife is more a deterrent to a fight than the reason a fight starts. It’s almost as if the action and swinging of the knife is a warning sign, letting people know it’s not worth their time.

I guess this is fairly regular in nature.

Lions who are responsible for large pride will stomp their feet, bare their teeth and let out loud roars to let other males know that know they will be met with a massive amount of force if they try to infiltrate the group.

The lion, however, does not do this to entice the other male to fight, but rather to try and convince the challenger that a fight would not be in their best interest. I was once told that if you ever encounter a mountain lion or another big cat that you’re supposed to open your eyes wide, bare your teet and yell, in order to show this wild animal that if it tries to hurt you, it will suffer.

It’s a weird idea, that you can totally avoid a deadly confrontation with intimidation. A strange but somewhat awesome idea — kind of like a nuclear stalemate, where both sides know the cost of fighting is too much to bear.

This being said, we can see how the butterfly knife is a type of primitive weapon that can be used to attack a person mentally, without actually ever using it as a weapon.

This is probably why it’s the butterfly knife is widely portrayed as the most popular weapon for thieves and hoodlums in the mainstream media, because as I said earlier, it’s a weapon that acts on an entirely different level, one that a baseball bat or a club of any size could never act on.