How to throw a solid Halloween party

When it comes to Halloween, it’s not the most exciting time for adults.

Children are excited as they get to collect massive amount of candy, but if you’re older than 18, there is no candy for you.

That’s why the Halloween party is so important.

It’s a time where adults of all ages can dress up in whatever costume they want and have a damn good time while doing it. They can consume a few Lucky Lagers, or grab a massive bottle of rum and down it while dressed up as Hunter S. Thompson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or other lost icons of past times. All-in-all a time to let loose the party animal in all of us, the Halloween gathering stands as a salute to the wild fire that burns deep in our bellies.

So, here is a small but thorough guide to throwing a great Halloween party:

  1. Make sure to invite a good amount of people. Any number over 12 is solid as there is always conversation happening with this amount of people and there is a good flow of hustle and bustle in the room. If you live in an apartment this could get a little loud so make sure to inform your neighbors, and if they’re cool invite them too.
  2. Have an event or activity that everyone can get in on. When it comes to Halloween, the obvious thing to do is some sort of pumpkin carving competition. Use small bottles of booze as prizes for first and second, and then for third have a hilarious themed gift.
  3. Ensure there’s good music; make sure to have a variety of tunes mixed in with Halloween classics like the Monster Mash, Thriller and maybe a remix of the Halloween theme song.
  4. Make sure to have at least one communal bottle of booze along with a communal costume box. This ensures that everyone is having a great time as everyone has a chance to have a drink and a costume.
  5. Make sure to take care of everyone as well. For example, make sure that everyone has a ride home and if they don’t make sure they have a couch to sleep on.

Feel free to make your own changes to this list as desired but remember, if everyone is involved then everyone will have a memorable night.