Bison athlete profile

Recently named one of two team captains, Meagan Smith is entering her fourth year with the Bisons. Last season, Smith scored two goals for the Brown and Gold, playing in 12 of 14 regular season games. The midfielder also tallied 11 total shots in just over 300 minutes of play.

The Manitoban: What is your most cherished Bison Sports memory?
Meagan Smith: It was my first year on the team, during the playoffs against Alberta. The game was tied going into overtime and we won it in the shootout. We were all dancing and singing in a line.
M: What sports did you play growing up?
M.S.: Soccer, hockey, gymnastics and volleyball
M: Who was your childhood sports idol?
M.S.: Hayley Wickenheiser
M: What sports do you watch/follow now?
M.S.: NHL hockey and World Cup soccer
M: Academically, your current focus of study is . . .
M.S.: Education
M.: My post-university plans are . . .
M.S.: . . . to move back to rural Manitoba to teach phys-ed and coach soccer.
M: Favourite book and/or movie?
M.S.: Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
M: If you were a type of animal, which animal would you be and why?
M.S.: A wild horse, preferably a mustang, because I love being outside and it would be sweet to roam the prairies.
M: If I could play minigolf with anyone in the world it would be . . .
M.S.: Tina Fey, because she’s smart and funny.