Summer festival, super fun!

Around August last year, I spent a day walking about the University of Manitoba campus asking idle students which summer events or activities they attended, if they liked them and which they might recommend to other students in the coming years. I was excited to hear an unadulterated student perspective of the summer fun we are rewarded with yearly once the frost is furthest from our minds.

Prior to engaging in the research, I had expected a barrage of varied activities to be reported — perhaps too wide to allow any useful summer calculations, but sufficient to say, at the very least, that summer is great. Everybody is into his or her own thing, so how could there be a clear winner?

But there was!

I asked students, “What did you do this past summer?” By a landslide, the most widely reported activity was, “I don’t know.” This was followed closely by, “No,” pure and simple. This “no” represented a need for the students of this campus. Where there’s a need, I like to think that I can provide a useful and fun task.

I would like to propose a system of virtual rewards — badges, stars, ribbons — and status — rookie, veteran, senior — to promote summer activity student-user engagement conversion.

This “funware” would promote attendance to selections of our summer fun catalogue, and once attendance conversion rates are increased, users’ knowledge of having attended said catalogue options could perhaps yield a greater memory of the event than “I don’t know.” This increase in action and action recall, I believe, will result not only in entertainment benefits to the fun-user, but also future opportunities for user-fun operational engagement. And that means money in your pockets. Sign up now! Click here.

How does this great scheme work? It’s really quite simple, in fact. Once a user attends one of the summer events in our great city, they will simply need to login to our secure servers at (under development) and input their SIN number, name, address, as well as a scanned copy of the receipt of purchase issued for the summer-fun event ticket. The registration process will utilize the Proof of Fun (POF) document to calculate — based on the capital investments primary expense for attendance — the total FunPoints to be awarded. Extra points will be determined if the user can substantiate locality of performer, foods purchased (particularly ethnic!), dress-up and other power user techniques using our exciting web service, PowerFun (project cancelled). We can’t wait to release the app to the world and start raking in those power points!

Have a question of eligibility? The XBG-systems forums (under development) have a broad user base that may provide support for whatever needs you may have.

The real incentive to engage in PowerFun lays in the propensity for fear of peer group dismissal, as stipulated in the PowerFun terms of service under “PowerFun PeerSphere Funsmart services,” the new mobile system (spec)!

In the unlikely event that summer users neglect to adopt the FunPoints system, XBG will issue cancellation commands that will remove the event matrix from Winnipeg summer. Cancelation of matrix deafens user base to engagement on a broad spectrum, thereby limiting user activity engagement across spectrums. The eventual outcome of such exclusions will yield lower frost latency in the mid-summer months and further contaminate the summer fallout environment that our research has shown in the U of M student community.

Failure to meet signup deadlines for registration will preclude refund assignment and deny future access to the XBG systems forums (under development), parking registration object class (currently refiguring) and FunPoints goal recognition suites. Future engagement in summer or winter activities of fun and/or productivity will be annulled to aid students in the resolution of missed FunPortunities. Grading will not fall on scale. Failure to comply will deny Funability.