2010 UMSU general election results

Unofficial, partial results:

2374 ballots were cast — just over 10 per cent of eligible voters at U of M
309 were international students
1586 identified as women
1522 identified as Aboriginal
1422 identified as LGBTT*
1527 identified as students living with a disability

UMSU executives:
Heather Laube: 1915 yes, 296 no
(the rest of the Moving Forward slate won with similar numbers)

International Students’ Representative:
Samuel Idowy

Women’s Representative:
Jennifer Black

LGBTT Representative:
Jesse Fidelack

Engineers Without Borders: 1268 yes, 1039 no
Student Refugees (WUSC): 1270 yes, 1016 no
The Manitoban: 795 yes, 1496 no

Check the next issue of the Manitoban for full results.