International-post secondary education briefs

U.S. earns big on tuition from foreign students

According to the University World News (UWN), the amount of money the United States receives from foreign students is $18 billion.

As of now 3.7 per cent of students attending an institution in the United States are foreign and the money earned is composed of their tuition and other expenses.

The UWN reported, “Data compiled by the non-profit College Board reveal that annual tuition fees increased by 5.9 per cent from 2008-09 in all sectors of higher education. In the context of the worst recession since the 1930s, it is noteworthy that these figures are only just up from the average five per cent annual rate of increase over the past decade.”

Canada has seen an increase in foreign students over the last 9 years from 58,425 in 1999 to 79,509 reported Citizenship and Canadian Immigration.

U.S. to see worst endowment crisis since ‘70s

According to the higher education section of the New York Times, endowments at universities in the U.S. are the lowest they have been since the ‘70s. The average an endowment dropped in the U.S. is currently 23 per cent.

John Griswold Jr., executive director of the Commonfund Institute, which is responsible for the money of some education institutions and a number of other non profits, told the New York Times, “It’s been very sudden in some ways.”

“There were people predicting the decline a year ago or more, but I don’t think anyone could claim to see the extent of this. These are unprecedented numbers,” he continued.

Funding cuts threaten England’s university museums

The Guardian has recently reported that funding cuts to England’s higher education funding could result in a loss of a number of famous museums.

The current review by the Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE) indicated that underfunding over the next five years “threatens to have alarming consequences for a group of institutions which play a key part in sustaining the culture of this country.”

The Guardian reported a number of museums are at risk, including the Ashmolean in Oxford and the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge.