Well isn’t that neat!

The clear liquor you sipped from your water bottle in high school is more versatile than you thought! Just Google “uses for vodka” and you will come up with lists and lists of websites giving creative ways to use the world’s most popular spirit. Intrigued by this idea, I went through some of the lists and here are my top 10 favourite (other) uses for vodka:

  1. Poison ivy — Think nasty itch, not hot comic book character, although for some of you those two ideas may be more closely related post-Halloween party fun. However, I’m talking the not so fun rash-causing plant that campers dread coming in contact with. That’s where vodka comes in. Immediately pour vodka on skin that came in contact with our lovely leafy friend and avoid the long lasting rash.

  2. Fresh laundry — Not sure if that shirt you found in the pile on your floor is clean? Squirt a vodka-water solution on it and let it hang dry. Now you’re good to go out and you’re sure to save some quarters at the laundromat.

  3. Shine fixtures — If you have ever wanted to check yourself out in your faucet all you need is a vodka-soaked cloth, or maybe just your shirt the Sunday morning after your Saturday night out.

  4. Keep flowers fresh — Some people get fresh after a few, but throw a shot in a vase of cut flowers and they will stay fresh longer.

  5. Bug repellent — I have severe doubts about this one but apparently squirting some Smirnoff on yourself will keep the bugs off. With the safety of DEET being questioned, I guess it’s good to know we have a few alternatives. Also, spraying vodka at wasps and bees will kill the little stingers.

  6. Jellyfish stings — There is no need to hunt down Chandler Bing to whiz on your leg, just pour some Absolut on your jellyfish sting to alleviate the pain.

  7. Beauty product — Though a few drinks can make almost anyone look beautiful you can improve your own appearance with the clear liquid as well. Put a shot in your shampoo for silky shiny hair, or soak a cotton ball and apply it to your face to cleanse you skin and tighten pores.

  8. Mould — So you’ve moved into your new apartment and it’s a little less new and a little more like a mycologist’s dream. Spritz a little vodka and show that mould who’s boss.

  9. Toothache — You can’t control when a toothache pops up, but it’s usually after you’ve used your insurance-covered yearly visit to the dentist. So if you need to put off that visit for a little while, rub a little vodka on your gum and numb the pain — it’s a local anaesthetic!

  10. Vomit cleaner — The number one alternative use for vodka is to clean the mess up from the night before. That small get-together you planned got a little out of hand, and one of your thoughtful guests left you a present on your bedroom carpet. But use a bit of that nearly empty bottle of vodka and spray it on the stain, scrub with a brush, and blot dry. Bam! What party?

These are but a few of many creative ways you can use one of the world’s most popular hard liquors but hopefully you’ve learned a little more about the versatility of vodka. Now if you’re in a pinch you can use one of these oh-so-helpful tips to save yourself from jellyfish stings, a killer toothache or poison ivy. However, vodka remains the world’s number one for only one of its uses, and I’m guessing it isn’t mildew remover.