Just not my day

So I wake up this morning quite normally. I get up, do my business, have a breakfast of leftover cold pizza, play some Internet games before the bus arrives and generally get ready for my day. Little did I know, it wasn’t my day. I should have realized it sooner when I found that I only had one shirt left to wear, and it had stains on it. Nevertheless I put on my jacket and got on with the day that wasn’t mine.

The beginning of the day was actually quite nice. However, right around 10:30, I realize that I’ve run out of paper in my notebook and have to squeeze as many notes as possible on one sheet of paper for the day. I spend my English class analyzing a poem I hate (it makes no sense whatsoever) for the third day in a row. Right around this time, I realize that my breakfast of leftover cold pizza was catching up with me at an alarming rate. In short, I need a bathroom — fast. Of course, the one day I have leftover cold pizza for breakfast is also the day that I actually have to show up for psychology, thereby completely filling up my schedule for the day.

Somehow I manage, and scramble myself over to my Greek history midterm exam, for which I didn’t study nearly as much as I intended to. Near the end of the exam, I notice that my pencil has run out of lead. It would take me too long (I was already running late) to rummage through my disorganized “murse” (man-purse). So I take what little stub of lead there was left between my two fat, sweaty fingers and attempt to scribble the last few lines down as quickly as I could into a barely legible answer (to those who correct the exam, I apologize).

Of course, the very day that I ran late on an exam would be the very day I have to do an experiment that was all the way across campus. I only have 10 minutes to get there, so I have to book’er. It was at this moment that my body makes it very clear that I haven’t actually run in months. I’m pretty sure I break the law on my way too. I’m in the middle of the street for a while with traffic on either side. I jump over some tape, run through what I later understand is a construction zone, and attempt (attempt, mind you) to leap over a fence. I end up disassembling the fence instead, which loses me more time. I arrive, limping, sweating and wheezing at my destination right on time, if not a minute late. Maybe two minutes. What do I find when I get there? Nothing. Unless the experiment was to see how many kids they could sucker into running across campus through a carefully-designed obstacle course for a mere credit. In that case, I guess I win. After some wandering like a lost sheep, I decide to turn around and head back to the university bus terminal.

When I get there, I figure there is still some time before the bus arrives so I walk back to University Center (at that moment, I realize that I have made a complete circle through campus. I chuckle insanely to myself). I check the BookStore — maybe I can look at a book while I wait. The BookStore is packed (maybe I should just go home). On my way out again, I decide that I could use a snack. The lineup at Tim Hortons is astronomical (maybe I should just go home). I check GPA’s for something — nothing good (maybe I should just go home).

I get on the bus. I have excess phlegm in my throat from running in the cold. I cough. The people on the bus think I’m sick or something. I get home, nobody there but the cat that hates me. I sit down at my home-built computer and contemplate what I’m going to do next. Only then do I realize (the day is full of that statement) that today is the deadline for this stupid newspaper article to be done and I haven’t even thought about it all week. And that, dear reader, is how these words got on the paper in front of you. They came from the day that wasn’t mine. How was your day?