CD Review : Saosin “In Search of Solid Ground”

California-based post-hardcore outfit Saosin has always had a lot of pressure on them. And, whether it’s been following up the success of their debut EP, or replacing their original singer, they’ve always managed to come out on top. The group’s latest LP, In Search of Solid Ground, only continues this triumphant trend.

There was a lot of pressure on Saosin to produce a solid follow up to their much-acclaimed 2006 debut LP. To meet the challenge, the band obtained the services of several respected producers for this record, including John Feldmann (The Used, Goldfinger, Atreyu) and Butch Walker (Weezer, Hot Hot Heat, Pete Yorn). Fortunately, despite these different producers, the album still has a great flow and is more of the great sound Saosin created on their first album.

In Search of Solid Ground features three re-recorded songs from the band’s 2008 Grey EP, all of which definitely sound better the second attempt around. Unfortunately, this same familiarity signals one of the major downsides of this album. Indeed, songs often sound like a mirror image of their debut, with some tracks sounding like they just wrote new lyrics for them. This combined with the re-recorded three songs makes it all feel like it isn’t even a new record at times.

Putting that one criticism aside, however, this is still a great record, and should live up to most fans’ expectations. Instrumentally, Saosin doesn’t miss a beat, providing an intense sound and equally strong vocals. They are so strong, in fact, that Cove Reber has now been solidified as a more than acceptable replacement for their original singer Anthony Green (Circa Survive). In all, In Search of Solid Ground is a great record and even better if you haven’t listened to anything new by the band since their last LP.