Your guide for Halloween ’09

The hectic pace of university life produces some funny consequences. One that immediately springs to mind is students’ shocking ability to lose track of time. If you are anything like me, between lectures, mid-term cramming, work and other extra-curriculars, you last came up for air sometime around mid-September. Maybe you noticed the calendar flipping over to October, realizing that the glory of Halloween was approaching, but unfortunately, university is designed to utterly consume you. This is a fact. While we were holed up in the library and pulling frantic, caffeine-fueled all-nighters, the world has continued to march on without us. Manitoba has a new premier and has already been blessed with the year’s first snowfall (I really hate this city), and now October 2009 is in its last throes. With only a few days left before Halloween arrives, you can excuse yourself for being left scrambling for plans. Thankfully, as the pseudo-holiday falls on a Saturday this year, there are still plenty of options available for your ghoulish delight.

U of M Commerce Social: Halloween Shocker ’09

What is there to say about this event that hasn’t already been said? The biggest Halloween party for a while now, this year’s incarnation, held at Blush Ultraclub, promises to bring the craziness once again. Of course, you aren’t getting in if you don’t already have your tickets, unless you kill someone who does. If you do choose the murder route, you most likely will spend the rest of your life in prison, but that’s OK. Given the time of year, not only will it be appropriate, but also, it’ll still probably be worth it in the end.

BASA Social: Risky Business II Blacklight Edition

If our friends from Asper are like the Pittsburgh Penguins of Winnipeg Halloween socials, then the kids from the Business Administration Students’ Association (BASA) are most definitely the Toronto Maple Leafs. Sure, they technically play in the same league, but one has all the young, good-looking people and are the defending champions, while the other is populated by a bunch of dudes who can’t score and remain a perennial laughingstock. A potential saving grace? This social, hosted by Hifi club, is open until 3 a.m.. However, you’ll need the extra hour of boozing to put up with this sorry lot.

Heavy Metal Hell-666-O-Ween

If dance music isn’t your scene, but you’re still looking for a bar night, head down to Ozzy’s to attend this gongshow. Presented by Crazy Maiden, this evening of head-banging debauchery will be headlined by Labyrinth with a hand from other acts like Seventh Sin, Hiatus, Kazzoshay and Gathering of Flies. Doors open at 9 and tickets can be purchased for $10 at the door.

Monster Chiller Horror Theatre at the Academy

“Featuring a fine selection of electronic dance floor killers, nuanced with a background of classic horror movies,” this event at the Academy should provide a worthy alternative to the university social scene. And if you go before 11 p.m. cover is only $5.

Horror movie marathons

Think the montage of horror movies sound cool, but not a huge fan of the large crowds? Skip the clubs! Out of the bunch of channels that are running these marathons, Encore has arguably the most impressive line-up. Kicking off the festivities with 30 days of Night, a full day and 14 movies will keep you on the edge of your seat, or hiding under your blanket. Also worth checking out, Turner Classic Movies will, as the name suggests, be running a full day’s program of classic movies. Highlights include Basil Dearden’s 1945 Dead of Night, the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from 1933 and The Haunting, as in the 1963 original and not the half-assed Jan de Bont remake. So turn off the outside lights, invite some friends over, stock up on candy and popcorn, or a case of Bud if your name is Sheldon Birnie, sit back and enjoy the show.

Hay rides, haunted houses and charity:

A couple family-friendly options this Halloween include the Six Pines Ranch Halloween Haunt and the Halloween Haunted House for Winnipeg Harvest. Located four kilometers north of the Perimeter at Sturgeon, the Six Pines Ranch features the Barn of Doom, Tour of Terror Hay Rides and the Terror Train all for $8.75. Alternatively, venture out to Dugald to see a spectacular haunted house for $12, or $10 if you bring a non-perishable food item.


I don’t need to explain how this works. You know the drill and if you can still get away with it, then what the hell? Go knock yourself out. You can probably just buy a stash of candy and also have time to partake in the other activities. But for the nostalgic types, this will still be a blast. Word of advice: hit up Lindenwoods if you are looking to bring in an extra big haul this year.

Happy Halloween, everybody!