CD Review : Frank Turner, “Poetry of the Deed”

In the last few years we have seen skate punk die out, only to have solo releases from all the bands’ front men emerge. Granted, Frank Turner is a former vocalist for a post-hardcore band, Million Dead, but he can be lumped in with other solo acts like Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Greg Graffin (Bad Religion), etc.. In the three short years since the demise of his group, he has wasted no time and released three full-lengths, Poetry of the Deed being his latest. The release showcases his catchy folk song-writing abilities, combined with his witty lyrics, which is no more evident than in his searing description of “rock stars” on the track “Try This At Home.”

Overall, the album touches on several different styles, from mellow acoustic tracks like “Sunday Nights,” to the earlier-mentioned “Try This At Home,” which would make punkers Dropkick Murphys proud. At points, I dare say that he even taps into his inner Bruce Springsteen and pulls off blue-collar bar rock extremely well. As the album closes out it adopts more piano and acoustic guitars into the stylistic fold, ultimately delivering some of my favourite tracks, including “Our Lady of The Campfires.”

All in all, the album itself is quite good, but unremarkable, and doesn’t do enough to push Turner apart from the rest of his peers.