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Targeting racial oppression on campus

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The politics of fear

We make bad decisions when we allow ourselves to be swayed by fear

Every human action is rooted in either love or fear. It's not a new or a particularly complicated analysis of…

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Colour vision deficiency

How technology can help those with colour blindness

EnChroma—a company based out of Berkeley, California—is developing glass lenses with the intent of assisting individuals with colour blindness. Not so fast, the EnChroma Cx Lenses aren’t a treatment for the condition; colour blindness cannot be cured. This technology works in a manner that is similar to how hearing aids assist those who are hard […]

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I did not want to write this

I did not want to write this. The first draft was a rant, an unmitigated calling out of the administrators of various organizations in the University of Manitoba community. The second was a cold, exacting news-like piece. A tally of jigsawed happenings, a picture of a university in turmoil. The third was a simpering love […]

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Re: Canadian Association of University Teachers report on economics department

Letters published in the Manitoban are edited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Views expressed in the letters are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Manitoban. Dear Mr. Robinson, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers: Recent media representations, largely due to a seriously biased report prepared […]

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Photo by Lauren Siddall

Sports opinion: Lead by example

Bison volleyball players allege harassment by coach

For many individuals, becoming a CIS athlete is a dream come true. It is the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice. Once the dream is realized, though, the workload continues to increase, and an enhanced amount of pressure is put on the athlete to succeed. Tack on a hectic school schedule, along with […]

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Photo by Paul Wright.

Straight from the [White]horse’s mouth

Ontario rock duo brings looping madness to Burton Cummings April 24

Promoting their latest album, Leave No Bridge Unburned, the indie-rock couple Whitehorse takes their unique and expansive live sound to the Burton Cummings Theatre on April 24. Whitehorse consists of married singer-songwriters Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland. While both were able to establish a presence as solo acts before and after their marriage in 2006, […]

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Photo by Angie Barnes.

Elephant Revival

Colorado quintet takes stage at WECC April 25

Combining elements of folk, Americana, and Celtic music is the Colorado quintet, Elephant Revival. On tour in support of their 2013 release These Changing Skies, the band will take the stage at the West End Cultural Centre on April 25 . Elephant Revival is a five-piece bluegrass outfit from Nederland, Colorado . The group formed in October […]

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Photo by Austin MacKay.

Micah Visser: ok night

Local singer-songwriter to release debut cassette

Micah Visser has yet to reach his 20th birthday, but with a few EPs under his belt and a debut, full-length cassette launching at the Park Theatre on April 23, this alternative-folk act is already taking the Winnipeg music scene by storm. His upcoming album, ok night,is the product of many years of music-making and […]

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Photo provided by Third + Bird.

Flying high

Third + Bird platform for local artisans soars

Winnipeg is quickly gaining a reputation as an extremely talented city. Local restaurants and shops are sprouting up in all areas of the city to showcase the talent housed within its limits. But despite the platforms becoming increasingly available, there is still so much untapped talent. Cue Chandra Kremski, Charla Smeall, and Kris Antonius of […]

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Try to get out alive

Escape room trend finds its way to Winnipeg

The concept behind the escape room is simple. Locked in a room, your group must uncover clues to solve puzzles and codes while racing against the clock. With three escape room companies all having opened in Winnipeg within the last six months, the Manitoban visited each one to see if they live up to the […]

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Re: Problems in the economics department

Letters published in the Manitoban are edited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Views expressed in the letters are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Manitoban. Enough is enough: it is time that the president of the University of Manitoba stop denying the existence of serious problems in the […]

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