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Student group loses court challenge against Fair Elections Act

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Student group loses court challenge against Fair Elections Act

Canadian Federation of Students says act will disenfranchise students in federal election

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) lost a court challenge late last month that attempted to have the Fair Elections Act ruled unconstitutional in advance of the federal election – leaving many to wonder whether thousands of Canadian students will be disenfranchised by the legislation. The Ontario Superior Court defeated the injunction, which was requested […]

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Health and dental premium hike approved by student union

UMSU agrees to premium hike with StudentCare, Manitoba Blue Cross

Students at the University of Manitoba will be paying more for their health and dental insurance this year after the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) finished negotiations with insurance broker StudentCare and provider Manitoba Blue Cross for a new annual rate.

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Professors launch Truth and Reconciliation petition

Controversial views on residential schools not U of M consensus, say professors

Just in time for the federal election campaign, four University of Manitoba professors have launched a petition urging all levels of government in Canada to take concrete steps toward truth and reconciliation with indigenous people.

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Child mental health researcher gets funding boost from feds

Canadian Institutes of Health Research gives green light to child maltreatment research project

Three University of Manitoba researchers have become the recipients of over $3 million in health research Foundation Grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), providing long-term, stable support to top Canadian health researchers.

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Graphic by Tiff Bartel

Wearing nothing but a smile

Why are we attracted to a significant other who rubs our funny bone?

While the early bird may get the worm, the funny man always seems to get the girl. Countless movies depict the awkward, funny guy attracting the attention of the beautiful girl seemingly by magic: he says something witty and clever, and suddenly she’s smitten. But is there science behind the desirability of someone who leaves your sides splitting, or is it just movie magic?

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Graphic by Sam Sector

The new jocks

The rise of competitive gaming

The sports section of the Manitoban may begin to change in the near future. Alongside Bison briefs, you may begin to see profiles on local professional gamers, or the results from the latest League of Legends tournament.

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Photo credit to Tyler Fong

Leading the charge

Bison football players to watch in 2015

With a few key players now graduated, including perennial all-stars Jordan Yantz, Evan Gill, and Nic Demski, the 2015 edition will have some big shoes to fill. Thankfully, Manitoba boasts significant depth at every position, and with a number of playmakers returning, the herd should be Vanier Cup contenders again this year.

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