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Register now to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to U-Pass

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Registration forms can be found at the UMSU Front Desk, 101 University Centre. All students can get more informed about the upcoming U-Pass referendum vote by visiting; contacting the CRO at; campaigning for either side; or by participating in the U-Pass forum on Thursday, Oct. 23 at noon hosted by the Manitoban, UMSU, and GSA.

Register now to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to U-Pass

Last two days to register sides for U-Pass campaign

University students are urgently invited to participate in the democratic electoral process by registering sides, campaigning, and voting for or against the universal bus pass (U-Pass), which permits access to more affordable public transportation available to post-secondary students across the city. For the second time since November 2012, University of Manitoba students are being encouraged […]

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Minnesota band Low will play the West End Cultural Centre Saturday, Oct. 18, with fellow Minnesotan minimalists Zoo Animal.

Still in perfect harmony

Low makes a rare appearance in Winnipeg

Low, a three-piece Minnesota band, first became renowned back in the 90s for measured, dreamy, melodic performances that channeled raw emotion. Nowadays they are moving at a little faster tempo, and on Oct. 18, they are speeding up the I-29 for a long-awaited show at the West End Cultural Centre. Driven by the impeccable harmonizing […]

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Poster supplied by UMFM

UMFM Pledge-O-Rama 2014

Campus and community station’s annual fund drive returns

Mark your calendars. Your campus and community radio station, UMFM 101.5, is bringing Pledge-O-Rama back during the week of Oct. 17-24. With the goal of raising $28,000, the station needs your support during this annual fund drive to continue to broadcast music and talk radio of all varieties. The weeklong pledge drive, which first began […]

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Photo Credit Angela England

Visionary and critical conversation starters

University of Manitoba hosts free educational seminar series open to the public

The University of Manitoba continues to play a key role in promoting intellectual growth and stimulating discussions – both inside and outside the typical classroom setting. By hosting free educational seminar series—such as Critical Conversations and Visionary Conversations—that appeal to students, researchers, and the general public, the university hopes to welcome and engage people from […]

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The good, the bad, and the critic

Review: After The Show

Romi Mayes is one of Winnipeg’s most colourful and enjoyable homegrown rockers. Mayes has been rock ’n’ rollin’ for the last decade. In 2011 she joined long-time friend Jay Nowicki (The Perpetrators) to write, record, and perform a live original duo album. Directed by Steven K. Johnson, After the Show documents Mayes and her band’s […]

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Introduction to the October 8 feature

A call for communication

It is Mental Illness Awareness Week. It is likely that you have been touched by mental illness, be it directly or through the suffering of friends and family. Being aware, however, is not a matter of having something affect us. It is a matter of keeping knowledge present in our day-to-day activities and decision-making. That […]

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Graphic by Scott Ford

The ongoing mental battle with depression

Searching for answers

Background Mental illness has commonly been referred to as an invisible disease, since symptoms are not immediately noticeable to the public eye. One of the strongest examples is mood disorders, specifically depression. It can be easy to brush off certain signs of depression—sadness, feelings of guilt, a lack of motivation, or fatigue—attributing the symptoms to […]

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Fever. 	Digital print of acrylic paint on glass. 2014.

End the romanticization of mental illness

Mental illnesses cannot be characterized by one unwavering, constant mood or symptom, and people do not need to be in crisis on a regular basis in order to have a mental illness. This triptych, informed by my personal experience with generalized anxiety disorder, addresses the emotional complexities of mental illness that are often ignored in […]

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Graphic by Kelly Campbell

My anticlimactic trip to the shrink

Seeking help

I’ve never been what you might call a cheery person. I was seven when it first occurred to me that one day I will die and the rest of my life must be lived in the shadow of that fact. But I never needed, like, a doctor or anything. This all changed the summer after […]

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