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Respect campaign garners disrespectful responses

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Photo by Carolyne Kroeker

Respect campaign garners disrespectful responses

Initiative results in racist and sexist comments

Aside from some inappropriate posts, including racist and sexist remarks directed at Nigerian women, the university’s “Scrawl on the Wall” initiative garnered mostly positive attention last week. The initiative was meant to garner responses from the University of Manitoba community on how to live, study, and work in a respectful environment. Students, faculty, and staff […]

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Photo courtesy of Let's Talk Science

I Love Science Week

A week-long celebration of science by Let’s Talk Science

Let’s Talk Science at the University of Manitoba is holding the first I Love Science Week from March 23 to 31. Space Days, being held at the Manitoba Museum’s Science Gallery on March 21 and 22, will precede it. I Love Science Week will see over 23 in-classroom activities, and two mall outreaches. The first […]

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UMGSA president-elect Kristjan Mann.  Photo by Carolyne Kroeker

Graduate Students’ Association election results

U of M graduate students elect some familiar faces to UMGSA executive

After nearly two weeks of campaigning, the 2015 University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association General Election resulted in the re-election of several former executives as well as the election of some new faces. The University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association (UMGSA) is the association that represents all U of M graduate students. Between March 16 […]

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Photo by Carolyne Kroeker

Economics professors speak out against CAUT report

Women faculty left due in part to workplace disputes, professors say

Weeks after the Canadian Association of University Teachers renewed its call for the effective dismissal of the head of the department of economics, many faculty members are standing firmly behind him. Two weeks ago, the Manitoban reported that David Robinson, executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), was still pressing the University […]

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Graphic by Bram Keast

Four eyes

The reason for increase in myopia no longer shortsighted

Researchers may be closer to understanding why there appears to be an increase of myopia around the world, and it is not entirely related to genetics. Myopia is nearsightedness due to the elongation of the eyeball. In recent studies, it was found that the level of education and the occurrence of myopia were strongly associated. […]

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Graphic by Kailey Trevithick

Bringing it back

Tortoises reclaim the Galápagos from rats

The Galápagos tortoise, an endangered animal, has begun to reproduce naturally in the wild after being unable to for 100 years. The threat of black rats to tortoise eggs has made this nearly impossible until recently. The Galápagos Islands inspired Charles Darwin as he pondered evolution and speciation. The islands, which lay to the west […]

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Graphic by Caroline Norman

Data mining

I heard you like data, so we put information in your information

We are making data all the time. Unbeknownst to most individuals, data is stored every time we use our credit cards, post on social media, or make a web search. Sure, we could be interested in the specific details of your search history or Amazon purchases, but the patterns within this data also hold a […]

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Advocating for students

Balancing priorities is not a student union's job

Earlier this academic year there was a fleeting debate in the Manitoban on the role of student unions in connection with political advocacy. Since that time a great deal has happened. The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) initially announced that they would not condemn the impending U of M budget cuts, citing their position […]

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