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UMSU reports on University of Manitoba budget cuts

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Photo by Carolyne Kroeker

UMSU reports on University of Manitoba budget cuts

UMSU, CFS-Manitoba co-operate with Stop the Cuts coalition

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) has settled its differences with the Canadian Federation of Students-Manitoba (CFS-MB) and is now supporting a CFS-MB-led coalition meant to oppose impending budget cuts at the University of Manitoba. In December 2014, UMSU vice-president internal Jeremiah Kopp told the Manitoban that “the CFS is irrelevant at the University […]

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Photo by Craig Adolphe. Hoe Down.

Close down to Hoe Down week

Aggies fill the house for annual Eat Y’er Hat social, 800 attend week’s biggest event

The University of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture Students’ Organization (FASO) hosted their annual Eat Y’er Hat Social on Friday, Jan. 9 as the wrap-up to their Hoe Down week, which they host to welcome agriculture and food science students back to school. The event featured local band Jump the Clutch—a band comprised of U of […]

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Photo by Dana Hatherly

Manitoba’s Council on Post-Secondary Education dissolved

CFS set to represent students, UMSU lobbies for representative on new advanced education advisory committee

The province has created an arm of government responsible for directing the long-term vision of Manitoba’s post-secondary education system. After dissolving the Council on Post-Secondary Education (COPSE) last year and replacing it with the advanced education advisory committee under the department of education and advanced learning, the new group begins its work this week. “Through […]

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Photo by Beibei Lu     UMSU Council Chambers, 176 Helen Glass Centre, where biweekly council meetings take place.

UMSU council reacts to withheld CFS fees

$640,000 in unremitted student fees spark questions of defederation

Some councillors of the University of Manitoba Students’ Union raised questions about the news of fees being withheld from the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) by UMSU at the council’s biweekly meeting on Jan. 12. Fees owed to the CFS are expected to amount to roughly $640,000 after including fees collected for the current winter […]

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Photo by Carolyne Kroeker

Resignation rescinded, minutes mishandled?

UMGSA vice-president external resigns over CFS-led Stop the Cuts coalition

The vice-president external of the UMGSA resigned earlier this month, partly in protest over a donation made by UMGSA to the Stop the Cuts coalition – a campaign established by the Canadian Federation of Students-Manitoba (CFS-MB) to oppose budget cuts at the U of M. “I believe in clear direction and strong leadership; unfortunately I […]

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Je ne suis pas Charlie

Defending free speech doesn’t mean republishing offensive images

When I heard about the attacks in Paris last week, I was shocked and horrified. I sunk into my seat in grief as a CBC news reporter explained that 10 journalists from Charlie Hebdo and two police officers had been murdered. This couldn’t be real. Being an aspiring writer and a former French-immersion student who […]

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Graphic: Evan Tremblay

Satire and images

A meditation on free speech

We’ve all heard some variation of it by now: “Of course I believe in freedom of speech, but…” In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings and the conversation which has ensued, we should be careful to consider the root of any arguments against a full and robust right to freedom of expression. To argue […]

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Letters re: Time to stand up to radical Islamism

Readers weigh in

Letters published in the Manitoban are edited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Views expressed in the letters are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Manitoban. Publishing Muhammad cartoon is disrespectful I am writing today to express how much I am offended by your publishing of the cartoon of […]

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Photo by Ian T.D. Thomson.

Jenna Rae Cakes

Have your cake, and eat it too

Now that our New Year’s resolutions have fallen to pieces, it is time to reunite with our beloved junk food and sweet eats. There are no better guilty pleasures than the various savoury sweets at Jenna Rae Cakes. With its storefront located at 580 Academy Road, Jenna Rae Cakes’ mandate is to “to provide Winnipeg […]

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