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Candlelight vigil honours slain students

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Graphic by Bram Keast

The Big Bang

The many theories on the origins of the universe

Cosmology has been shaken up by new theories on the origins of the universe which have recently received attention in the media. Did the universe begin with a big bang? With two? Or with none? Or perhaps, some other way altogether?   The Big Bang theory In 1927 Georges LeMaitre, a Belgian physicist and priest, […]

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Graphic by Evan Tremblay

There’s a storm brewing

My nose knows

The smell of rain is earthy and distinct. Raindrops splatter against the ground and release earthy odourant molecules into the air, but the exact mechanism of this event hasn’t been elucidated until now. Recent research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology sheds light on exactly how rain spurs these hidden Earth smells. In their study […]

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Photo credit: Leslie Yakimishyn

Flying with Magellan

UMSATS’ preliminary design review

Students participating in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge flocked to Magellan Aerospace on Feb. 17 and 18 to attend a Preliminary Design Review (PDR). Members from the University of Manitoba Space Applications and Technology Society (UMSATS) joined individuals from the University of British Columbia, York University, Concordia University, and the University of South Wales in […]

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Graphic by Justin Ladia

The intelligence of crows

A murder of crows is like a bad analogy

Crows are extremely intelligent birds that are part of the corvid family, which also includes magpies and blue jays. Research done in collaboration between Moscow State University and the University of Iowa shows that crows are capable of analogical reasoning. This same reasoning does not develop in humans until the age of three or four. […]

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Candlelight vigil honours slain students

Winnipeg Muslim community turns out to show support after Chapel Hill shooting

Members of Winnipeg’s Muslim community hosted a candlelight vigil at the University of Manitoba on Friday, Feb. 13 to pay tribute to victims of a triple homicide – the three Muslim students who were killed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina earlier this month. Craig Hicks shot and killed Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21; her husband, Deah […]

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Graphic by Bram Keast.

Screamin’ Skull Press

Couples that write together, stay together

Tony Nesca admits his favourite type of writing, as a kid, were genres such as science fiction. As an adult, however, Tony writes short stories and poems that are dark and lyrical. Rather than searching for a publishing company that would take him on to write in his preferred style, Tony started Screamin’ Skull Press […]

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Photo by Joey Senft.

Robot Invaders from the Death Galaxy

Winnipeg surf rock band the Thrashers release robotic new album

When it comes to blending retro aesthetic with robot invasion, no one in Winnipeg has the musical concept down quite like the Thrashers. Focusing their efforts on punk rock and roll, the Winnipeg trio is set to release their new album Robot Invaders from the Death Galaxy at the West End Cultural Centre on March […]

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Photo by Ian T.D. Thomson.

For what HITS worth

David Cross’ directorial debut premiers at Park Theatre, brings pay-what-you-want format

Log off of your Facebook and Instagram pages – HITS, a dark comedy film examining the social media generation, has its Winnipeg premiere at the Park Theatre on March 4. The movie presents a striking portrait of the need to be famous in the 21st century. Set in upstate New York, HITS tells the story […]

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ACI: So you got an arts degree…

ACI hosts their fourth annual workshop for recent arts grads

If you have recently graduated from one of the many arts programs available in Manitoba, you are likely being asked a lot of questions right now. Your parents are wondering when you will get a job and how you are going to support yourself, and your friends nod in feigned understanding when you use terms […]

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Photo by Mackenzie Ewing.

Ten Thousand Coffees teams up with Etsy

Making connections: one coffee at a time

For the past year, Ten Thousand Coffees has been breaking down barriers between young entrepreneurs and those who are already well-established in their field – all over a cup of coffee. With the announcement of a national partnership with Etsy, a new “maker” category has been added to the online platform, allowing users to interact […]

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