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The TRC holds final national event

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Clarifying the ‘trope of objectivity’

Last month, I was lucky enough to conduct one of my favourite interviews ever, following one of the best public lectures I have ever seen. John Greyson, a Canadian filmmaker who spent almost two months locked up in Tora Prison in Egypt, was in Winnipeg to deliver the keynote speech for Israeli Apartheid Week. Greyson […]

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Stop defining sex by penetration

Traditional definition debunked

For a person who has only taken part in heterosexual sexual experiences, the answer to the question, “How many people have you slept with?” often results in a reference to the number of situations where vaginal or anal penetration occurred. Is penetration the only legitimate way to have sex? Of course not. Somewhere along the […]

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Intro to the Out and About feature

This issue contains articles that touch on far-reaching topics. We have pieces exploring various genders and sexual identities. We have allowed no space for those arguing for the validity of binaries. We have an exploration of the asterisk from an editor of Outwords magazine. We have allies writing about being allies and fans writing about […]

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non-binary baby


My experience with a non-binary identity

Pretty much since the beginning of my life, I didn’t identify with my assigned gender. The colour pink, dresses, dolls… none of it was really my thing. Luckily I had some pretty supportive parents that were cool with me sharing clothes with my brother – even copying his haircut. To them, it was probably just […]

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UMSU pres headshot-JonnySopotiuk

A word from Jonny Sopotiuk

Talking politics with the first openly gay UMSU president

I was first elected as president of UMSU in 2008. I quickly realized that I would be expected to be a representative of the queer community through my role. Shortly after my election an article in the media referred to me as the first openly gay president of UMSU. It was both a responsibility and an […]

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Feature-volleyball-supplied by Volleyball Canada

Leading by example

National men’s volleyball team member Chris Voth shares his experiences as an openly gay athlete

Anyone who knows, or has talked to Chris Voth personally, understands the calibre of person that he is. Most would define him as a kind and confident leader, with numerous accolades to his name. His accomplishments speak for themselves, and include two provincial high school volleyball championships as a captain of St. Paul’s, as well […]

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How to react when a friend comes out

Tips on listening and supporting

The first time a friend came out to me, I had no idea how to react. Consequently I’ve always remembered that uncertain experience with a tinge of regret. Though I felt I was being supportive at the time, I’m sure my reaction could have used some serious improvement. Here are some tips to avoid feelings […]

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How to be an ally


Admittedly, I’m not the perfect ally. Like many people, I am often guilty of failing to recognize hidden biases and assumptions towards the LGBTTQ* community that creep into my everyday thoughts and actions. I decided to put in a little work this week to figure out how I could improve in this field. First, I […]

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The asterisk

Why you actually should(n’t) put the * in the acronym

There’s no one proper acronym for the lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender community. Whether it’s GLBT*, LGBTQ or LGBTQIA, it’s all referring to the same people: the four listed above, plus two-spirited, queer, intersex, asexual, and more.   But what’s with the asterisk?   There’s a lot of misconceptions about what it means. Many people […]

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Singularity Header

The Singularity

AI and the future of humanity

Imagine that a team of scientists has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) with capabilities unfathomably far beyond the human mind. As soon as this AI is allowed to interact with the world, everything changes. Whether its goals are benevolent, actively malicious, or incomprehensible, everything after that point will be influenced by new forces operating in […]

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